Title: Love & War
Author: Jack Greene
Publisher: Phaze
Length: 7,100 words
Genre: m/m Fantasy/Paranormal Romantic Erotica
Heat: 4 – Spicy & Smutty
Sex Frequency: 4 – Very Often
Keywords/Tags: Short Story, Gods, Greek Mythology, Established Relationship, Cheating (technically, but didn’t bother me, read the review for details)
Rating: Pretty Good

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Zachary’s lover, Alex, is an actor playing Ares, the god of war, in a new movie.

But when Ares himself decides to interfere, Zachary’s life gets complicated–and hot.

Ares feels wronged, and it’s up to Zachary to make things right–in any way he can.


I always look forward to Jack Greene’s releases (Including his upcoming novel!) because I always enjoy them. Usually more erotica than romance, but with a bit of both and always extremely sexy little stories that are a perfect pick-me-up between reading something longer. I’ve found that my favorite of his stories have a fairly equal dose of both erotica and romance, but in this case, this story was pure erotica. So while the story was still enjoyable to read, and definitely sexy, it isn’t my favorite written by him.

Zachary absolutely adores his boyfriend Alex. It isn’t just that Alex is somewhat famous, or even that he’s big and stacked and completely swoon-worthy. He’s a really awesome guy, and they get along great. Their relationship isn’t really lacking anything, and it’s getting better and better as the months have turned into years. Of course, their difference in size makes Alex a bit reticent to overpower Zachary in bed, and while Zachary wishes Alex would let loose on him once and a while, he knows what a good thing they have. Still, Zachary has fantasies…

The god Ares is watching on, trying to ignore the pathetic humans who continually misrepresent him in plays and movies, like Alex, who is playing him in a movie they’re filming. Ares is angry, but taking his anger out on Alex and company with petty filming problems isn’t satisfying enough.

Readers will feel differently about this book depending on how far they can suspend disbelief. This isn’t romance, at all, although there are some cute moments between the couple. But the story is taken up by the sexual games played by Ares on Zachary and there is little else shown. It is blatant cheating, which some will be turned off by. I’m normally turned off as well — not enough that I will not read a book, but I often am upset by it — but in this story it really didn’t bother me at all. And I think that is because I saw this not as a romance, but as erotica, and I can allow and enjoy things in erotica that would really bother me in romance. So how you will feel about this story depends on how well you know yourself, and how you feel about this, as a reader.

I would have liked to see some more interaction between Zachary and Alex. We get just a little bit, in the beginning, but not more. I wondered as I was reading if this was going to turn into a kinky threesome, with the addition of Alex in some respect, but that didn’t happen. I would have actually liked to see that, to see Alex drawn more into the story. As it is, I didn’t feel like I understood their relationship enough to know how to frame the sex between Zachary and Ares alongside the relationship. No matter the choices made by the author, however, I still found this to be a fun and sexy, lighthearted story and I’d recommend it (as long as you’ve read my review, of course!) 🙂


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