***Update Note — See the Giveaway Info below for those looking to enter outside of North America***


Before I get to the knitting bit, I want to wish all of you who celebrate today a Merry Christmas! I’m at home because we’re getting a snowstorm today. For the second time in my lifetime (the first in 2009, when we actually had a blizzard with almost 20 inches of snow) the state of Oklahoma is getting a white Christmas today. It’s supposed to be pretty nasty this afternoon, so we’re staying home and celebrating with our family in a few days.

So, stay safe and have a very happy holiday! To get in the spirit I want to share with you Pentatonix’s rendition of “Carol of the Bells” below. For those of you who don’t know Pentatonix, they’re a really really wonderful a capella group of 5 who do the most kickass renditions of songs. They won The Sing Off last year at this time (sadly, it was the last year of the show) and Tina and Laura (of The LL’s Word) and I would watch every week in awe of this group. They now have their first album done and a holiday album out last month, which this song is from. Enjoy! This song features the incredible vocal stylings of cutie-pie Mitch, who you’ll all be happy to know is gay.

Knitting Giveaway!

I’m so excited about this! A lot of you got in contact with me about this giveaway as well, so I hope you’re excited too. I’ll give a list of all the details below, but I’m going to keep the giveaway open just a bit longer to give more people time to sign up, especially since it’s around the holidays and some of you might not be around for a few more days.

Here’s How It Works:

Drawing Details

  • I am offering to knit the winner one garment of their choice.
  • The giveaway is open from now (12/25) until January 3rd at Midnight CST.
  • I will draw the winner using Random.org and write to them on January 4th, as well as post the winner on the blog. The winner will have 48 hours to get back to my email, or I’ll be forced to draw another winner.
  • I will work with the winner on the pattern and yarn of their choice and the other details.
  • The winner agrees to allow me to post about their garment of choice on the blog if I want to post pictures, etc.
  • International residents are welcome to enter!

Knitting/Pattern/Yarn Details

  • I will buy the pattern (if I need to), yarn, or anything else I need to make your garment. This is a giveaway and my gift to you this Holiday Season πŸ™‚
  • I have made a list of the patterns that I’m most familiar with, have knitted before myself, or have earmarked that I’d like to knit. It ended up being a fairly large list and I’m posting the pictures below. I hope that it doesn’t make the page too hard to load! But take a look and see if there’s anything you’d like.
  • If you win and have an idea of something you’d like or a pattern of your own you’ve found and you’d like me to knit for you, then by all means share it with me. We can work on what you’d like together.
  • I’m limiting the types of garments I’ll knit to Mittens/Gloves, Scarves/Shawls, Wristwarmers/Legwarmers, Hats and Socks — or, anything of similar size or monetary value (yarn, pattern, supplies, etc.) I’m willing to pay for yarn, etc. on anything I have listed here, but I retain the right to say no to a project that will cost me too much money, which is why I haven’t listed anything like sweaters, etc. Those also take a lot more time. Another thing I’m not including is amigurumi, the art of knitting/crocheting animals and the like. It’s just not something I have experience with, though Jo’s recent post has piqued my interest! Maybe I can get some practice and include it next year πŸ˜€ I suppose it someone wants a cocksock though, I can knit that, LOL. I won’t ask too many questions πŸ˜‰
  • I will try to get you your knitted item as soon as I can, but please bear with me if it’s a larger project or takes me a bit of time to get the supplies together, etc. I won’t be able to pin down a time when I’ll be able to send you your garment until I’m working on it.
  • While I might have to steer you in certain directions depending on my level of skill or funds, I promise that most of the decisions will be yours. I’ll give you an option of yarns after we decide on a pattern and the color will be up to you to decide on.
  • While I can crochet, I’m limiting this giveaway to knitting because I’m just not confident enough in my skill at crochet. So, knitted items only.
  • During the beginning process of working on the pattern, etc., you’ll be able to let me know preferences. For instance, if you have any allergies, that can be taken into account, or if you’d prefer a yarn that is very soft or mildly scratchy, etc. I’m fairly knowledgeable about fibers so I’ll be able to give you information about that.
  • And lastly, I’m a fairly proficient knitter. I’ve been knitting now for just over ten years and I’ve knitting in quite a lot of different styles. I’m able to knit anything I’ve listed below in the patterns and if you send me something that I won’t be able to do I’ll let you know up front. But, I will probably be able to accommodate whatever you’d like, so feel free to let me know what you are really interested in, if not something below πŸ™‚


*Each picture will take you to the pattern details and more pictures, if you want a better view


Arrowhead Mittens34th & 8th MittensAlmeara GlovesCarlisle MittensGloaming MittensSpiral MittsGrove MittensShipyard MittensChinook Fingerless GlvoesHege MittsBurnham MittensParson MittensFlint MittensLockhart Mitts


Convoy (Infinity Scarf)Daybreak (Shawl/Scarf)Glacier SweepPurl Ridge Scarf (Infinity)Quinnipiac (Cowl)Wayfarer ScarfGeysir StretchLongview ScarfFeatheron (Infinity Scarf)Color Affection ShawlThorn ShawlSempervivum (Lace Shawl)Barndom (Shawl/Scarf)UpperCross (Shawl/Scarf)Damask (Lace Shawl)Kindling ShawlLumen (Lace Shawl)Guilder ScarfOslo ScarfQuill (Lace Shawl)Sweetgrass CowlClemence (Infinity Scarf)Spruce Forest (Lace Shawl)Elfreide ScarfFarthing (Lace Scarf)Leaves of Grass (Circular Lace Shawl)Pei CowlSakura (Lace Shawl)Stonecrop (Lace Shawl)Thayer (Lace Scarf)Wexford (Lace Scarf)Nero ScarfSt. LΓ©ger Cowl


HabitatForge (Brimmed Hat)Turn a SquareQuincy (Side-Brimmed Hat)MuirNorbyAurora Expanse (Ombre Hat)ScrollworkZeebeeVertitwistFortnightTildenWanderer CapNinian (Hat or Tam)IrvingBayardFjordOljettPolar (Earflap Hat)Seasons HatRavensfootJaffrey Cap (w/ a REALLY cute guy!)Jaffrey TamRosebudSt. LΓ©ger CapVega


Boyfriend SocksInglenookSlideTrellis Socks


In Defense of Tights LegsIn Defense of Tights ArmsGelsomina

Patterns are all linked to Ravelry, the social media of all things fiber. The large majority of these patterns are designed and published by Brooklyn Tweed and their various publications: Wool People, BT, and Jared Flood, by various designers. Many other patterns are designed by Stephen West of WestKnits. Both places are my favorites for patterns online, and Brooklyn Tweed has a great new yarn line with fabulous, solely American produced yarn!