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I want to welcome K. Piet to the blog today to talk about Storm Moon Press’ recent sequel anthology release, Weight of a Gun II! I’m reading and writing my review right now and I have to tell you that I’m enjoying this anthology as much as I did the first one. Kris writes below about the target audience for this anthology and in particular the specific brand of kink and I admit that I’m one of those readers. I’m uncomfortable with guns — without getting political here — I was surprised to find how much I liked the gun kink in both anthologies. But, I’ll let Kris explain more about that. Welcome Kris!

weightofagun2_500.jpgGun-kink is certainly not for everyone. Like most kinks, there will always be people who absolutely love it, who dive head first into that realm of fantasy and danger. But, for every one of those people, there will be at least two who don’t like the kink at all. And that’s perfectly all right, since everyone will have their tastes and preferences when it comes to kink and fiction in general. Every once in a while, though, a reader will fall into that middle ground, where they either haven’t heard of the kink, haven’t explored it in fiction yet, or are looking for something new and stumble across us. It’s for those people that Storm Moon Press made the Weight of a Gun series.

Oddly enough, the credit for this series goes to the authors. It was the fervor of several of Storm Moon Press’ authors that convinced us to put together an anthology call and open up submissions for the first Weight of a Gun . We had an editor who was eager to take on the project and pitch it to her friends in the writing community. We had authors instantly respond to a casual inquiry of interest on Twitter. We had a cover artist who was more than happy to take the vague description of “sexy man with a gun” and create a piece of delicious cover art. All this, and us owners at the press would have identified in that group of people who had never even explored the kink. As marketing director, I was hesitant with the theme at first, but then the submissions came in, and I surprised myself by enjoying the thrill of the guns used in erotic settings. It seems I wasn’t the only one, too. Readers and authors alike expressed their interest in a sequel right on the heels of the first anthology’s release. We didn’t expect such a rush!

Everything simply aligned to make this anthology a unique read for an underrepresented niche in the gay erotica genre. Gun-kink explores the intoxicating union of fear and arousal. Guns are symbols of power, and being at the end of one is sure to cause some sort of reaction when it comes to characters in stories. Like Cornelia Grey said in her recent guest post, fiction provides a safe space for an otherwise very serious and dangerous fantasy. It’s in fiction we can explore the fantasy without true fear. That’s the appeal of Weight of a Gun, and we’re thrilled to have had enough interest in this series to warrant the new Weight of a Gun II anthology.

weightofagunWeight of a Gun II brings back two of the authors from the original anthology: Cornelia Grey and Gryvon. Both are incredibly talented, and the instant we had published their stories in the first anthology, we were knocking on their doors to ask for sequels. While Gryvon’s story in Weight of a Gun II is a sequel to her contribution to the first anthology, Cornelia Grey introduces us to a whole new world filled with circus-y delights! Add to that our first publication from Scarlet Blackwell, and this anthology, while a bit smaller than the first, is still poised to please you gun-kink lovers.

And for those of you who have been uncertain on the theme of gun-kink, I can only encourage you to take a chance! You can pick up the first Weight of a Gun anthology as a primer, or you can check out the single releases from it and pick and choose your favorites. If you’re like me, you’ll quickly find how addictive the short stories can be, and now that Weight of a Gun II is available, you have three additional stories to enjoy!

Please enjoy a small excerpt from Cornelia Grey’s short story in Weight of a Gun II:

“Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders”

The air inside the tent was hot, damp and heavy, and it seemed to grow thick like syrup, converging around that gun, as the dark-haired man took careful aim at the target. There was a moment of perfect quiet, when Benjamin found himself holding his breath, when even the dust motes hovering in the light seemed to still. There was only the tanned skin of the man’s arm, the damp fabric of his shirt clinging to his back, and his strong hand, cupping the gun with such confidence that Benjamin felt consumed by a deep, wordless yearning.

When the man pulled the trigger, there was an explosion of smoke and sparks, the sulfuric smell of burnt black powder was blasted through the air, so intense and rough that it made Benjamin’s eyes water.

That had to be the man he’d come looking for. There was no mistake.

The man swiped his hand over the hammer, reloading quickly. He shot again, and then again, and again—three rapid detonations, three bouts of smoke, three showers of sparks falling on the dry sand beneath the man’s leather boots. When he stilled, a cloud of smoke lingered in the tent, seeping slowly from the crack left by the tent flap. Benjamin closed his eyes and inhaled it greedily, loving the sharp tang of it on his tongue. He opened them again, and saw— Saw that the man was staring at him, eyes black and gleaming, just like the gun now aimed at Benjamin’s face.

“Don’t make any sudden moves, or the last bullet will be for you.”

Weight of a Gun II – edited by S.L. Armstrong – with contributions from Scarlet Blackwell, Cornelia Grey, and Gryvon for just $3.99 (ebook)

K. Piet is the Marketing Director for Storm Moon Press and author of Catalyst and Making Ends Meet. Her writing can be found at Storm Moon Press, and she can often be found chatting on Twitter @k_piet.