changeofheart400x600Title: Change of Heart
Author: May Ridge
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Length: 6,800 words
Genre: m/m Contemporary Romance
Heat: 3 – Sexy & Mild
Sex Frequency: 3 – Average Sex to Story
Keywords/Tags: Short Story, Kiss Me at Midnight collection, New Years, Bi Curious, Cheating, Unrequited Love, Second Chances, HFN
Rating: Pretty Good

Reviewed by Sadonna


Adam has been in love with Tommy for more than half his life-but Tommy is utterly straight and is just not interested. Adam drifts along in life with flings after one night stands; safe in the knowledge that no one night stand could ever compare to the hold that Tommy has on him. That is, until he meets Ben. Ben is funny, hot, and direct; moreover, he seems to know exactly what he wants: Adam.


Adam has a one night stand with a guy – Ben he tells him is his name AGAIN — after Adam yells out “Tommy” at the peak moment. Adam confesses to Ben that Tommy is his straight friend he’s been in unrequited love with for years. But Ben is funny and cute and they have a great time together.

Six months later Adam and his friend Chase are out and they run into Ben who happens to work at the store where they are shopping. It’s also Adam’s birthday and Chase invites Ben to the birthday party that evening. Ben accepts. Just as Ben and Adam are having a good time at the party, Chase interrupts and Tommy arrives with his girlfriend. Adam feels blindsided and Ben takes him outside for a breath of fresh air. Adam confesses that he can’t believe Tommy even showed up because two weeks earlier, Tommy had been crying on Adam’s shoulder after a breakup with his girlfriend and then kissed him. Ben shares his straight boy crush story. They return to the party and there is a bit of a confrontation that leads Adam to face his true feelings.

I actually enjoyed this short story mostly because I really liked Ben. I was lukewarm on Adam, but I cut him some slack because he was in a rut and just needed help breaking out of it. By the end I liked him a lot better. I really really disliked Tommy and he was definitely not a good guy! I did, however, like the writer’s style and hope to read more of her work.