IndiscretionTitle: Indiscretion
Author: Jack Greene
Publisher: Phaze
Length: 51,800 words
Genre: m/m Contemporary Romance
Heat: 5 – Off the Charts!
Sex Frequency: 4 – Very Often
Keywords/Tags: Bisexual, Questioning, Cheating, First Times (with a man), Divorce, Public Sex, Physical Abuse, Stalkers
Rating: Loved It!!


Going through the motions in a loveless marriage, Chris is unaware of how much he is missing–until he meets Leif.

The gorgeous, tempestuous man turns Chris’s life upside down in every way.

Can Chris save himself from this dangerous affair, or will his life forever be changed by love?


It’s time for another Jack Greene review and giveaway! Jack is so wonderful because whenever he sends me a book to review he always offers a giveaway. And was I ever excited to read and review this book. For the past few stories that Jack has published, I’ve known that a full novel, his first, was in the works. I was interested to see what kind of story Jack would write for his first novel and how it would pan out. I’ve been a fan of his stories for a few years now, but he has a definite style — short and heavy on sex.

I was really pretty blown away by what I saw. I say I’ve been a fan for a while now, but I’ve never given Jack the top rating; I’ve never loved one of his books, though I’ve liked many of them quite a bit. Still, I warn you that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. While I loved it, I know many won’t. A fundamental part of the story is cheating, no if ands or buts about it and that will bother many. But, it doesn’t usually bother me, and I could see that there were steps taken to lessen the impact, like having Chris’ wife be rather standoffish. Chris even wonders if she’s having an affair too, and there are some details that lead you to believe that might be the case. There aren’t any wallowing in hurt feelings. Still, those sensitive to cheating in all forms will definitely want to steer clear.

I think what I loved the most about this book is that Jack did exactly what I always wanted. In reading his short stories, they usually ended before we really got into the characters and their problems, neuroses, etc. We just didn’t get to know them as well as we could have and most of the emphasis in those stories was based on the sex. I usually categorize them as erotica. That’s great, I love erotica as well as romance. And I hope that he isn’t upset when I admit how surprised I was to find this novel so different than those stories. Not only do we get deep into the characters, but the emphasis here is definitely on romance, no matter how gritty and raunchy their sex gets. (and it’s goooood…)

The basis of the story is a classic “Gay for You” story. Chris has always been straight, and he’s generally an honorable man. He’s never cheated on his wife and he does love her. But they’ve grown apart after six years of marriage, settling into a sibling-like friendship and living like barely speaking roommates. So when he meets a man who shows him some attention on a business trip, he runs with it, surprising himself by his attraction. With little angst about what that attraction means, Chris dives headfirst into his illicit relationship. In fact, he has a bigger issue in trying to earn Leif’s trust and get to know the surly and complicated man than in investigating his own feelings. He only knows that he’s falling head first for someone he never thought he would, while at the same time trying to lesson the hurt he’s causing to his wife.

I liked quite a bit about this book. I liked that we get to see the relationship past the “marriage” phase and into the two building a life together. I like that Chris straddles the line of his own honor but still remained likable to me. And mostly, I liked the character Jack created in Leif, who remains an enigma right up until the very last page, where I finally felt like I understood him. The delivery of information about Leif is subtle and given to us in small bits, so that we get to know Leif like Chris does.

I can only surmise that all those short stories Jack wrote simply gave him lots of writing practice for his first novel, because I was really blown away by how much I enjoyed it. I’ll be thinking of this couple for a while and I would love for Jack to continue writing novels. Of course, I don’t want him to stop writing those super sexy shorts either 😉


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