I’ve been SO behind this week on getting out my Lou Harper backlist reviews. The good news is… well I’m committed 😉 The bad news is well… it’s almost the end of the week!

Just kidding. These last few days I’ve finally put the pieces together about why exactly I’ve been feeling so crappy. For some reason, it surprises me every year and it wasn’t until Lou mentioned that it might be the weather to remind me — duh! — I always start this time of year and for the next two months, though hopefully not any longer than that, feeling totally crappy. I just can’t deal with the heat. I’ve been dizzy with lots of headaches, sleeping badly and I have to make myself eat, which is a horrible feeling. I seem to forget during the winter what exactly that feels like, or what it feels like to start feeling faint and cold when it’s really hot and how that’s basically heat exhaustion. And I’m barely doing anything. And I have the AC cranked up full blast. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing this whole week. Basically, it’s been like time has been slowed way down for me since I can’t get nearly as much done. And I’ve gotten no reviews done these last two days.

Due to an exciting cool front moving through tonight — hurray! — tomorrow I’m going to try to start posting the reviews as I write them instead of waiting til the next day and I’ll probably push back my short story reviews that I had originally planned on Saturday until Sunday. I didn’t start the week until Tuesday really anyway, so I might as well let it carry on a bit longer 😉

So, I’ll see ya’ll on the flip side.