Last day of my tour, seems apropos to end with where Dance verse began. :3

It’s probably hard to tell, but all of Dance verse actually started with me wanting to tackle an entirely different premise. At the time I came up with it, there’d been a spate of ‘person falls in love with ghost’ books, and they always end one of two ways: Person dies and they’re together as happy ghosts, or ghost is reincarnated. You’d also have the more heartbreaking ‘ghost departs, person moves on,’ but you don’t see that particular end as much in romance books.

My idea was ‘why the fuck can’t he just stay with the effing ghost? What would come of that?’

And lo, Christian White was born, and everything else spun out from him. How do a ghost and a living woman have a kid? Magic, obviously. But I’m not big on the whole ‘oh, it’s magic’ shrug and run away. I want my magic systems to work. Magic, though, is like anything in fantasy – too little and it’s confusing, too much and everyone cries tears of bitter frustration or boredom from info dumping.

The first step was fleshing out the world. I didn’t want another series of just, or predominantly, vampires and werewolves. I wanted LOTS of supernatural creatures, with their own rules and traditions and problems. So in addition to the wolves and bloodsuckers, I’ve got demons, imps, goblins, witches and sorcerers, alchemists, elves, black dogs, dragons, and plenty I either haven’t mentioned or have yet to appear (or reappear, for those who remember the stories I’ve yet to rewrite).

After that, it was sorting out what all the different creatures do and their weaknesses: demons are fuck-all powerful, but they’re bound to a territory. After them come beings like djinn, imps, fox-spirits, and angels, but djinn and angels have to be summoned, imps all the power is in their horns, and fox-spirits it’s all in the tails. Onward down through the line.

But demons were my main concern when I started DwtD because Sable. He’s about the only being who can keep up with Chris and enjoys doing it. Somewhere in sorting those two out came the bit that accidentally became the series theme: Dancing.

I went with it because dancing has a long history in pretty much every culture. Everyone likes to get some music going and shake it. And I really really like dancing, even if I can’t do it for shit. So a demon’s most powerful spells (those that manipulate souls, or what demons call energies) must be done by way of dancing. The dance varies from demon to demon; there’s no one dance they have to perform.

It started out a small thing, but has become an underlying theme that ties the whole series together—even Midnight has a bit of it in there. In Dance Only for Me, I could not resist a fun nod to this theme by way of where Jackie winds up living :3

Any questions, feel free to ask, I am happy to answer. ^__^ Thanks for reading, peeps! All the love to Cole for having me.

dance only for me

Jackie Black is a cowboy and sorcerer and proud of both. He spends his days breaking curses and locating items of interest for other abnormals. His pride and joy are the alchemy-enhanced pistols at his hips. The love of his life is Roman, a businessman and witch. Tired of living several states apart, Jackie decides to surprise Roman by moving closer.

But instead of being a happy surprise, Jackie finds himself the victim of an unpleasant one. Alone in a strange city, with nowhere to go and his world in pieces, Jackie is taken in by an old man who says he is a paranormal detective and could use someone of Jackie’s power and abilities to catch a killer.

You can buy it here.

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