on m/m romance, baking, knitting, and occasional smut

Update 7/4/13: We’ve got a lot on our plate right now so we’re going to be accepting less reviews. Personally, I’m paring down my review schedule as much as possible both for more personal time (reviewing is getting to be a part time job) and also to get through my backlist of reviews. I will still be accepting any books I’ve spoken for or suggested interest in to authors prior to this, as well as books that are a part of a series that I’m interested in continuing reviewing. I’m leaving it up to my reviewers which books and how many they want to accept, so please feel free to keep sending us your requests. But, unfortunately, we will be declining more often for an indefinite time. Thanks everyone!

I’m happy to accept inquiries, but I reserve the right to decline to review your story/novella/novel if it isn’t to my interest or I don’t have the time to review it at the moment.

I accept inquiries for m/m romance. I prefer to read m/m only, no m/m/f and no m/m with prominent m/f sex scenes, because they just aren’t to my taste, so I prefer if you wouldn’t ask me to review those for you. Otherwise, I enjoy all sub-genres of m/m. If I ever take one another reviewer who prefers to read and review different books, then I’ll make sure to list the changes here.

I’m not reviewing as much these days as I used to and I have other review obligations at present. I tend to review everything else at my own leisure, though turnaround for a review is generally under 2-3 weeks and a month at most, though possibly longer in the event that something happens in RL. If that’s the case, I’ll be sure you let you know.

Sending me an inquiry to review doesn’t guarantee that I will agree to review your work, and if I do it doesn’t guarantee a good rating or review. I promise to be honest and fair and I believe I’ve done that so far in my reviews. To read some of those, feel free to visit my profile on GoodReads, where all of my reviews (including the ones from various blogs) have been posted.

If you agree to all of that and would like to send me an email, I welcome you to. Email me at armchairreader.coleriann{at}gmail.com with a blurb or brief description about your book.

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