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CH_AdvMaskedRaid1_cvr2Title: The Erotic Adventures of the Masked Raider – Part One
Author: Ewan Creed
Publisher: Wilde City
Length: 31k words
Genre: m/m Comedy, Paranormal Erotica
Heat: 5 – Off the Charts!
Sex Frequency: 5 – Over and Over
Keywords/Tags: Charlie Harding Presents, Wilde City Press Erotica Week, Superheroes, Humor, Villains, m/m/m scenes, m/m/m+, a bit of BDSM, Kink, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Dirty/Raunch, Multiple Partners
Rating: Pretty Good


The Masked Raider is strong, earnest, virile, and determined to combat corruption and wrong-doing in the peaceful community of Harpersville. The lycra-clad crusader has been fighting crime and foiling diabolical plans for years. However, the underworld forces in the area, led by nefarious mastermind Tumescent Edison, have had enough of his do-gooding.

Determined to undermine the strapping superhero, the villain’s plot to obtain a sample of the Masked Raider’s semen to clone the super stud, program the replicants for evil, and have the superhero do battle with himself. Edison and his henchmen, Lumberjacker and Snake Charmer, will use every ploy and fetish at their disposal to get the super juice.

Will they succeed in seducing a load out of the unsuspecting crime fighter? Has the Masked Raider finally met his match? Read the first erection-packed installment of the kinky new series The Erotic Adventures of the Masked Raider and find out.


I have been really excited to read this novella ever since I saw it last month at Wilde City Press. I mean, erotica, not just a short story but an actual novella. That’s great itself, because it means we’re going to get at least an ongoing plot. Then… superheroes! Superhero sex!

Ewan Creed visited The Armchair Reader on Monday and had a really interesting comment about this book. He said, “that whole genre is oftentimes so homoerotic – the sexually charged cockfighting that always seems to be going on with superheroes and their enemies and the closeness superheroes often have with their sidekicks and the secret identities and bondage and domination and all the other kinky stuff is all but inherent in the genre.. That’s what made me want to read the book. The cover drew me to first look at it, because it really delivered this message. Plus, knowing it was erotica helped. I knew that it was going to be somewhat absurd, having a bit of fun and poking the whole comic idea a bit. That sounded really appealing.

And I ended up really enjoying it. The sex in the story is really heavy. There’s hardly a scene where they aren’t having sex of some kind, though the sexless scenes are mostly early in the book. I admit that so much sex for so long was at times taxing, but I actually felt like Ewan delivered the message he talked about while making the book really funny and really sexy. So I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The story is based on the idea that the perfect superhero is totally constricted. He must be perfect and meet everyone’s expectations. In a way, the public owns him. So having his own identity is hard for him. The superhero in this story is The Masked Raider, or “Raider”. He gets his power through sex and in living that constricted life the only way he’s found to expand his power (or “recharge his batteries” heh) is through denying himself orgasm. And because of that, he’s developed an inhuman power of restraint. The public putting Raider on a pedestal for so long has him believing it himself. He is better than everyone else.

That makes the villains in this story more human and more likable. We get to know them quite well and their diabolical plans, while they might have a more selfish endgame, are all about knocking Raider off that pedestal and showing him that sex is good and that he wants it just as much as everyone else. And if they can get his sperm and make him a bottom who begs for it, then it’s all the better. And to do this, Tumescent Edison has the greatest idea! He’ll have his other villain friend, Snake Charmer, who is the sexiest and most charming villain ever, to seduce Raider’s boyfriend to find out all about how to get to Raider.

I’m really looking forward to the sequel to this story. I liked that the story was kindof fun but still was really hot. And I’m actually really interested in seeing where the plot will go. I definitely recommend this one. If you’ve read and liked other longer erotica books, like The Perils of Praline by Marshall Thornton, for example, then you might like this. The subject is entirely different, but the over the top sexual humor and longer erotica format makes them similar in ways, and the best way for me to describe to you if you might like this book. I definitely did 🙂

CH_LeatherbarMural_cvr-2Title: The Leather Bar Mural
Author: Ewan Creed
Publisher: Wilde City
Length: 12k words
Genre: m/m Erotica
Heat: 5 – Off the Charts!
Sex Frequency: 5 – Over and Over
Keywords/Tags: Short Story, Charlie Harding Presents, Wilde City Press Erotica Week, a bit of BDSM, m/m/m scenes, m/m/m+, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Kink, Dirty/Pig/Raunch, 1970s, Recent Historical, Magical Realism, Paranormal Twist, Anonymous Sex, Erotic Art, Cops, Sailors, Multiple Partners
Rating: So So


In 1975 both gay and sexual liberation were in full swing. Alex loved the sexually charged atmosphere of the leather bar where decadence was in full swing. Anything might happen there and something usually did. One night something happened which he hadn’t quite bargained for and Alex was transported beyond the walls of the bar and into a dark carnal wonderland of sexual abandon. In this shadowed world the men of his fantasies prowled the shifting maze of alleyways seeking sexual gratification in whatever form it appeared. Follow Alex on his journey into the mural and into a world of perpetual desire and fulfillment, a world that can trap a man for all eternity as surely as a spider’s web can trap its prey.


Alex feels the sexual liberation in the air and he’s always been happy with casual hookups. Why conform to heterosexual sexual dynamics like monogamy when he’s so happy having sex with who he pleases and then moving on? That is, until he meets Bill. They have a wonderful time together and to Alex’s surprise, outside of bed as well as in it. Then, after two weeks, Alex finds himself back in the same place, single and alone, but with his perspective completely changed about relationships.

So in a move to cheer himself up and step back into his old life of sexual debauchery and freedom, he heads to his favorite leather bar. While there, he considers the mural in the bar in a way he hasn’t before. The sexy sailor, leatherman and farm boy seem almost real…

This rather surreal story didn’t give me any clues as to it’s final destination. In retrospect, the first part of the story is a setup for what will come later, but as I read it I assumed that this would be a regular gay romp, albeit full of leather, darkroom orgies and well-maintained mustaches. That’s what it seemed like at first, until Alex starts to talk about Bill and work through his own issues with sexual liberation and his — perhaps shamefully buried — desire for companionship and monogamy. The failure of that ideal, when it seemed so impossible in the first place, makes Alex want to feel utterly fulfilled with casual sex, especially in the face of Bill’s post-Alex activities. It seemed to me anyway, that in such a moment of seeming isolation among the crowd, Alex finds his own fantasy in the mural. And his investigation of that shows him pleasure in what he could never feel in the real world.

Okay, seriously though, all analysis aside, this is a pretty hot story as long as you’re into some real raunch and dirty sex and multiple, multiple partners. This is pure erotica, which makes the setting all the more appropriate because besides the magical realism/fantasy aspect of the story, the best place for pure, dirty, animalistic, sex is this time period and setting (though it’s not ever specifically mentioned, the feeling of the story made me imagine the 70s Chelsea Piers in NYC, or somewhere else known for large congregations of public gay sex). Also, though he has a few encounters himself, I found it interesting that Alex has a pretty large voyeuristic streak. Most of the sex in the story doesn’t involve him, except as an active observer.

I like to read an erotica story like this every now and again. Quite a lot of the gay erotica you’ll find online seems to feel that the raunchier the better, but I appreciated that while this story didn’t skimp on the dirty sex it did provide an interesting plot. But yes, the plot does follow the sex, not the other way around 😉


CH_LeatherbarMural_cvr-2I want to welcome Ewan Creed and Wilde City Press to The Armchair Reader today!

I haven’t had to chance to talk about it yet — due to the fact that I’ve yet again not finished my Weekend Update post by the end of the weekend! — but this week I’m writing a review each day of a Wilde City Press erotica book. Two of those this week are by Ewan Creed, The Leather Bar Mural and The Erotic Adventures of the Masked Raider – Part One. I read both of them yesterday and yikes! Get ready for some seriously sizzling action. The Leather Bar Mural takes you on a surreal trip through the back sex alleys of 1975, full of uninhibited kink and bodies eager to fulfill the ideal of a new sexual revolution. And The Erotic Adventures of the Masked Raider – Part One starts the story of a superhero and his failure to live up to perfection when everything, down to his own powers, is controlled through sex.

Now, I’ll turn it over to Ewan to tell you a bit more about both stories.

GoldCoastBarmural EtienneThe murals of the artist Etienne, which adorned the walls of the Gold Coast leather bar, have fascinated me ever since I saw them at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago. They were so erotically charged that in many ways they seemed almost more like windows than paintings. That was sort of the core idea behind my book Leatherbar Mural. I thought, what if a guy could somehow change dimensions and pass through that wall and into the mural? What if a guy could explore all that awaited in that erotically charged world? What if he moved further into the mural, around the corner, deeper than the mere observer could see? What adventures and dangers and sexual doings might he encounter there? My imagination really ran away with me when writing this one and it was a very fun corner of the mind to explore. I’m already contemplating a sequel.

CH_AdvMaskedRaid1_cvr2With The Erotic Adventures of the Masked Raider: A Psychosexual Superhero Kink Fantasy I was really interested in writing a believable superhero story and taking it one step further by moving into the whole fetish concept behind the superhero theme. Making the book sexually charged was easy in a way because that whole genre is oftentimes so homoerotic – the sexually charged cockfighting that always seems to be going on with superheroes and their enemies and the closeness superheroes often have with their sidekicks and the secret identities and bondage and domination and all the other kinky stuff is all but inherent in the genre. It was almost like taking things just one step further. I also wanted to make this book fun because to me that comic book quality is really at the core of these stories. Lastly, with this book I wanted to show how this idealized view of masculinity can really place a lot of limitations on a person, much less a superhero. So in a nutshell I wanted it to be a very erotic and solid superhero story that was fun and thought provoking. I think I succeeded. I am really pleased with the end result. There is so much to explore in this lycra and codpiece world that I am planning a sequel to this one too.

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